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Last words going to say about the term

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This term is goanna to go now. To be honest, I like this term, because I think I have already get used to the life inBrightonagain. Last term, I cannot stop myself thinking about the life inYork. I miss all my friends there; I want to spend my time with them again and again. It was a hard time for me to make a decision that back to Brighton, yeah, I got friends in Brighton, but I don’t know way actually, I prefer the life inYork. Life in boarding school is boring, but life in boarding school is also amazing. We spent all our times together, which means we love each other a lot. It was great, I love all my friends a lot, and they were all brilliant. The  first term I went back to Brighton, I still backed to York a lot, I missed everything there, and my friends came to here a lot, because they know that without them, my life would much more boring. I do put them all in an important position. I don’t know how to describe that kind feeling, but the only thing I can say is: I love them and miss them a lot. But after a term, I feel I get into the life here much better, although I still connect with my friends there a lot, just like today they are all coming toBrightonto visit me, and I know we are going to have a good time today. This term, I focused on my studies more then before, but this term is easier then last one, because I only need to take one exam at the end of term. Which means I don’t need to spend thousands of hundreds of time on my study, and I can do more interesting things outside the class? For me, I like music and cooking, so I bought a book named CUP CAKES MAKE YOUR DAY. I tried to follow the instructions in the book and I enjoy the processes and results. I invite my friends to taste them, when they like them; I got a amazing feeling on it.

For my academic study, I think them all alright. Because I’m good at math, so I don’t need to spend time on it,  for the English, not much differences then before, just study, study and study. But, ICT is really a big problem for me, the reason is I don’t have great interests on that and I’m not really good at that. I found if you don’t have interests on one thing, and you won’t enjoy that and you think life is so hard for you. But that’s fine, I’ll still do that, I get used to do things that I don’t like, although I might not do it very well. Happily, I got all five offers from my applied university, but the situations I have now is , I don’t know which one should I pick. The main choice I have to make is going toYorkorDurham. I know they are all good universities,Durhammight be slightly better. But I likeYork, I prefer the city and my friends there, but although I chooseYork, my friends are only going to spend the time with me for a year and then they will go to elsewhere. Sigh, I really don’t know how to choose, and different people give me different advices. I know university is important for me, so I have to think about that for a long time, I hope I can make a right choice.


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Honestly speaking, I think CIT is the most difficult subject for me. I cannot remember that when I was in a-level, learning skill was one of the compulsory subject, in that course, CIT is the one, but unluckily, I passed  all other subject, but I failed to pass the CIT, which is  a shaking for me..

I don’t like CIT, I really don’t like it, because I think I’m really bad in this subject, I like maths, I like economics, I like business, I like all the other subjects, even English, but I don’t like CIT, the most important reason is I’m poor in that, I don’t know why, I hate this kind feeling, I het used to be the top student in the class, but in CIT, I just useless, I feel uncomfortable, no confidence, no interesting, tired of being weak, dislike this kind situation.

But I like this class really; the teacher is the one who has ever taught me in ELP, he is very kind to everyone. I enjoy being in this class, but I’m tired of this subject. How come I’m so bad in this subject, cannot understand myself. But anyway, not matter I like or dislike, no matter I’m good or bad, I still need to do it, which is a torture for me. Life is a torture, CIT is a torture.


Business Foundation

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This is the third in term two, which means I have already studied for this programmed—–business foundation for a whole term. After a term’s study, I found that business is a very interesting subject. The reason I like this programmed is I can combine different subjects which are related to my higher education. Personally, I really enjoy studying economics. In this case, I want to study politics, philosophy and economics in my university. So I really need to work hard in the business foundation programmed.

At the beginning of last term, I thought this programme would be easy for me, because I have already studied AS. And I have studied most of the subjects I need to finish before this year. But actually, after studying this programme I found in fact it is not that easy for me. The biggest problem for me isFES. For a foreign student, language is really tough. But if I want to continue my education in this country, I have to work even harder.

There is a term left after this term. I would defiantly enjoy the last chance for me to study inBrighton. I loveBrighton. I will miss here a lot.


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In the foundation course year, there is a important subject included which is FES. The importance of that is this is the basic of the all subjects. If we cannot understand English very well, it would affect all the subjects. It is clear that, in the humanity subjects, language is the compulsory factor. During the study, we need to understand all the leaning points, without good language basis, we cannot achieve a high mark. But after studying this subject, I found it is very difficult to do a brilliant job. As a overseas student, we have to work through every single point, even if we working hard on that, we may still do badly in the exam. Language is hard for every one to learn, especially under the pressure of exams. Although it is hard to do a good job, I will work even harder in order to get a good mark in the exam.

Differences between British education and Chinese education

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It has been almost two tears for me to study inUK. The largest difference between British teaching style and Chinese teaching style is British teachers tends to teach students a way of learning. While Chinese teachers prefer to teach students every individual points instead of ideas. Another significant difference is Chinese students always finish their homework’s in paper but not laptop. Which is because of schools inChinado not put technologies in a important place. Also, inChina, there are around 50 students in a class. Differently, there are only around 15 students in a British class. The friendship between Chinese students are very strong which is because of Chinese students would experience a lot happiness and sadness which are brought by gaokao. But friendship between British students are tends to be purer. Above all, I think they are the main differences between British teaching style and Chinese teaching style.